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This is SxBlue: tough, strong, sweet and smart and in love with Salesforce! With our knowledge, we know how to engage our major clients and make a big impact by improving their business processes.



We are a Salesforce consultancy company. We are in love with Salesforce! With our knowledge of these solutions, we know how to engage our clients and help them optimize their business processes. We are tough, strong, sweet and smart.

We were founded in 2019 after a number of larger SAP-using customers asked us to help with Salesforce issues. We believe in the power of ‘both worlds’ and are uniquely capable of migrating, integrating and optimizing this world of Salesforce and SAP together with our colleagues. Together with our partners, we have 250 colleagues with enough power to always serve our clients.


Service cloud

Optimize the user experience while digitising your service processes through presenting different contact channels as one, for both customer and employee. Salesforce Service Cloud ensures that the customer question ends up with the right employee so that the best answer possible can be given. Monitoring with the help of dashboards and reports help with real-time management of your workforce so that they can be deployed as effectively as possible. This leads to higher customer satisfaction at lower costs. We are happy to make this transparent for you!

Sales cloud

With the help of Salesforce you have integrated a 360 degree customer view with social media in no time. Or a visible sales funnel that can predict your turnover and ensure correct and timely follow-up to customers from your sales team. But our customers want more. We help customers to align their commercial activities with their logistics planning and invoice processing, which are often housed in a separate ERP system. With our Market-to-Order knowledge within SxBlue and also making use of the Order-to-Cash knowledge at SUPERP, we are happy to merge this together. Data migration and data integration is one of our specialties!


This is BLUE, our tough, strong, sweet and smart buddy. That’s how we are as a team: smart, sweet, strong and tough! And as a result, our team makes a major impact by organizing business processes differently and actually, transforming the business. By using Salesforce, we can quickly establish a stable foundation. We are proud of our assignments and the results achieved.


We are proud of our assignments and results. We do our job to make an impact and really change the business processes. We take that extra step with a motivated team of salesforce specialists.


Service based testing with Salesforce

Customers and key users often see testing as a necessary process with a lot of repetitive work. We believe that you should work smarter and not necessarily more or longer! We do this with the help of “service-based testing”.


How we link Salesforce to a custom community at a big employment agency

Build a service between a custom community and the existing Salesforce instance while keeping the data of users in the community up to date with the


Salesforce integration within a best of breed solution at an international publishing house

In an environment where business models are not static due to different market conditions, your company must be able to adapt quickly in the field of ICT. Often the solution is not contained in one software package. Together with our customer, we have opted for a best-of-breed approach in which it is possible to switch continuously between business urgency and a ‘future-proof solution’.


Support with a Data Quality Improvement Project for an international insurer

By making the complexity of data visible in coherent systems, the data has been made manageable. With the appointment of data stewards, the governance of data also became more visible in the organization and it was better protected in the own organization. Using Salesforce, people only see (sensitive) data if this is important for their role.

Why are we different?

SxBlue focuses on SAP clients that use solutions from Salesforce. With our partners we have 300 consultants available with extensive SAP and Salesforce experience. We are flexible with our partner SUPERP Associates which allows us to scale quickly.

We go for quality, always!

Our communication is quick and to the point. As a client you have direct contact with someone from SxBlue. When unexpected situations arise, our consultants will always help and support.

We mainly focus on the Dutch market.


We don’t have the urge to put our snouts on internet, but it can be useful to contact us directly. And if we do present ourselves, let’s do it right!

I like to be on stage, but I can neither sing nor play guitar and that’s why I became a consultant! I like to talk about CRM solutions and work with a team of specialists. As a consultant in the field of CRM and Salesforce in particular, I like to make impact by transforming business processes. I care about people and my team. I’m there for them in difficult times and I encourage and help them with their personal growth. I like to make a difference!

Henk Arkesteijn

Salesforce consultant / Thought leader, SxBlue

Being able to build a great company like SxBlue together with enthusiastic colleagues is something I enjoy every day. I like the spirit, ernergy and enthusiasm when working with our clients.

Erik Ferweda

Business development, SxBlue

I realy enjoy puzzling for solutions and think of or improve processes. I prefer to do this with a lot of humor, flexibility and dedication to achieve the intended result.

Wouter Kitsz

Salesforce consultant, SxBlue

Looking for solutions where others do not find them and find them where others don’t, is my passion. First I want to understand how you work and why. Then we work together how this can be done better and smarter. Salesforce is there to support you, not the other way around. You focus on what really matters and Salesforce does the rest. That’s what I’m going for!

Frank Gerrits

Salesforce consultant, SxBlue

I love translating business processes and customer issues into a solution on the Salesforce platform that helps an organization and actually supports the daily work of the users. My motto here is: use Salesforce as intended and keep it simple.
Working as a Salesforce Consultant gives me the opportunity to learn something new every day and to keep growing. Working together with the customer and my SxBlue colleagues gives me energy and pleasure in my work.

Joris van Duppen

Salesforce consultant, SxBlue

I am an honest, sincere Salesforce architect, developer and consultant with a passion for the Salesforce platform. I am a real people person and I am happy when I can use my knowledge and share it with anyone who is open to it. I am not a gray mouse and find humor in my work very important.

René Jonker

Senior Salesforce consultant / Developer / Application architect, SxBlue

I get energy from analyzing and translating business processes into Salesforce solutions. I prefer to do this in good cooperation with the customer, but also with my own colleagues. Working in a team and sharing mutual knowledge is important to me and is one of the key points within our team.

Dirk Mol

Salesforce consultant, SxBlue

My passion is connecting people to each other and especially connect people to their “self”. By asking the right questions and looking for answers, I guide people during the best time of their career in our young and enthusiastic team! I am extremely proud that we started SxBlue and I think it is very cool to be able to facilitate and guide our people in the field of personal development, coaching and growth.

Nicoline Pol

Unitmanager, SxBlue

I get excited about Salesforce and get a lot of satisfaction from reducing a complex question to a simple solution for customers. Every day I want to learn something new about Salesforce. I am a team player and I like to be helpful.

Martijn Nijhuis

Salesforce consultant / Developer, SxBlue

As a Salesforce Consultant I like to think along with the customer to automate and optimize processes. It makes me happy when I have been able to contribute to a solution that makes the customer’s work easier. I value teamwork, where I try to learn as much as possible from my teammates. That’s why I’m in the right place at SxBlue, where teamwork and sharing knowledge are key!

Edward van Woensel

Salesforce consultant, SxBlue

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